Pending Projects

These projects are awaiting sponsors to partner with us by helping fund them. Please prayerfully consider joining us in this great adventure by telling others about these opportunities, praying for needed resources and helping if you can.


A Life of Hope
Approximately 2,500 juvenile offenders are incarcerated in Texas each year. “A Life Of Hope” is a documentary video project describing one young man’s journey from incarceration to redemption. Through the story of one young man, learn how dedicated Christian volunteers are making a difference in the lives of hundreds of young men showing them that there is a better way to live. Teachers, mentors, counselors and regular volunteers invest in these young people to offer them a life of hope. This will be the testimony of one young man who has given his life to Christ and now has a future filled with hope, promise and purpose.

Normal Is A Miracle
We are in the early development stages of a video testimonial to demonstrate the power of the Gospel to overcome a life of bad choices and substance abuse. Inner city ministries focus on alcohol and drug rehab with the mission to transform crime and drug infested neighborhoods in Dallas through the gospel of Jesus Christ one life at a time. “Normal Is A Miracle” is the story of one man who knows first hand what can happen when the love of Christ redeems a lifetime of bad decisions – when it took a miracle just to establish a normal life.

Men: The Forgotten Casualties of Abortion
Regardless of where you stand on this controversial subject, you can not deny the immeasurable impact abortion has had on society. For women and their children, this impact is clear, but very little is discussed about the effects of abortion on men. Whether directly involved as the father of an aborted baby or indirectly involved through the women in their lives "choice" has consequences. This project is intended to examine the consequences of abortion in the lives of the men who are impacted through their personal involvement, their relationships and their personal suffering. Not intended to be a "hit piece" on abortion, but rather to gain some understanding of its effects on men. In the end, we plan to examine a path to healing and restoration through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ who offers forgiveness to all regardless of the form their sin takes.

Instead Of This...
This will be a 60 second public service announcement encouraging viewers to choose wisely when they exercise their "right to choose".

Capital Projects

Video Post Solution
This is an equipping opportunity to acquire and set up a dedicated, in-house video editing, archiving and storage solution. Video post production solutions have moved to an all-digital workflow using relatively low-cost, non-linear editing workstations. Protecting, archiving and managing digital video assets and still photographs are key requirements in today’s work environment and critical to the future of Daylight Media Ministries. The goal of this project is to raise approximately $15,000 that will go toward assembling a modern digital video post production solution.

Field Production Kit Upgrades
This equipping opportunity will help us upgrade our field production capability by adding a light kit and lighting accessories, additional media cards (increased recording capacity), an additional digital still camera body with lenses and shipping cases. We are also hoping to include a radio controlled ariel camera rig in order to incorporate dynamic ariel still and video images to our projects. Having our own gear will reduce our operating costs and increase our ability to continue offering affordable services to our ministry partners. The goal of this project is to raise approximately $10,000 so we can fully equip our production team.

• The benefits derived from donations to our Capital Projects will be multiplied over hundreds of projects during the useful life of the equipment.