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We offer our services at very affordable rates to our Missions and Ministry Partners. We work with these "clients" to efficiently and effectively leverage their investments in communications and media. 100% of project funding from our ministry partners or our own donors is applied to designated projects.

Specific Project Sponsorships
Each of our projects has a finite, one-time budget investment to cover its costs. Individuals, small groups, churches and foundations are asked to fund these needs through limited project sponsorships. Your small group or church can make a difference in missions or ministry and really impact lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Together, we can accomplish God-sized tasks that will bring Him glory!

Sponsorship Model Benefits
The benefit of this approach is that Sponsors can quickly see the fruit of their investments in the form of a completed project and changed lives. The impact and benefits of these investments are multiplied many times over as people around the world view and respond to project messages.

Equipping Projects
Equipping projects are designated to help provide the tools, technology and equipment needed to support our on-going work of creating communication and media solutions. Provision of this kind enables us to control costs to our client partners and improve the efficiency of our efforts with results being multiplied over hundreds of projects!

Operational Fund
We are looking for long term partners who can help us fulfill our mission by contributing to our operational fund to assist with on-going operating expenses. We are currently in the start-up phase and are trying to lay a foundation for a sustainable ministry that will outlive its founders. Individuals, small groups, churches and foundations can join us for the long haul with contributions to this fund.

Completed Projects
Funded, produced and delivered.

Awaiting Sponsorship

In Production
Funded and in various stages
of development.